Recommended hotels

Preferring a hotel instead of homehosting? Now worries. We’ve got you covered. Below are our recommendations for great hotels nearby.

Forest Hotel

The Forest hotel is situated in the city centre of Den Helder. Is right across the street of the central train station. So if you’re by train this is your place.

Grand Hotel Beatrix

Grand Hotel Beatrix is actually the homebase of RT16 Den Helder. We have our table nights in the meeting room of this hotel. It’s situated in Huisduinen. A small village right next to the city of Den Helder and it had a stunning view over the sea from it’s top floor.

Hotel Lands End

On the very northern part of Den Helder you’ll find Hotel Lands End. It’s situated less than 20 meters from the seaside, on the verge of the navalport of Den Helder and only a few minutes from the citycentre.